Kind of Sport Test

which sport suits you

Determine which type of activity is most suitable for you psychologically

In each question, select the answer that best suits your needs.

A) Are you outgoing?

Do you do your routine as much as possible independently (5) or do you prefer to work in a team (1)? Is it easy to make friends (1) or rather avoid contacts with strangers (5)? Do you like visiting parties (1) or do you feel better at home (5)?

B) Are you impulsive?

Do you make decisions, as a rule, fast (1) or pretend to be a detailed plan (5)? If something unexpected happens, do you simply abandon your decisions (1) or implement your plan in full (5)?

C) Are you disciplined?

Do you get away from difficulties (5) or immediately take up the solution of problems (1)? Do you need quick success in order not to fall into despair (5), or in any case, bring to the end any work that you have undertaken (1)?

D) Are you aggressive?

You do not restrain irritation if you are stressed (1)? Do you give vent to your anger if someone bothers you (1) or if possible try to avoid a quarrel (5)?

E) Do you have fighting qualities?

Are you inspired by competition (1) or rivals annoy you (5)?

F) Are you organized?

Is it easy for you to stick to the topic of conversation (1) or do you skip from one to another (5)? Does any business quickly bother you and you drop it (5) or do you persistently continue and finish what you started (1)?

G) Are you risk averse?

Do you like to test the limits of your abilities (1) or do you care about your own health in the foreground (5)? Do you like to tickle your nerves slightly (1) or do you immediately notice the dangers surrounding you (5)?