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Exercise is medicine.

A healthy lifestyle and physical activity are powerful factors in strengthening immunity, reducing stress, and increasing vital energy. At the same time, physical activity is a double-edged weapon: it can help you, but it can also damage you if used improperly.

Our mission is to help you use physical activity correctly and eliminate negative consequences.

For proper training and obtaining the desired result :

•  we will determine how much your current condition differs from your age standards

•  evaluate the dynamics of aging processes

•  find out how and how your lifestyle differs from the norm and how to change it for the better

What we do

With the help of a number of fitness tests that you conduct yourself, we get the necessary data.

You do not need to register, leave your data, in tests only your age and gender are used.

Based on the test results, we are developing for you an individual training program to improve your physical condition. This program does not require a personal fitness trainer; you can do the exercises yourself.

The program includes a plan of daily activity, exercises and nutrition recommendations for the first 3 months. This initial period is most important - during this time you adapt to the loads and the new mode of life.

We do this for FREE.

For trainers of sports schools and physical education teachers:

We can help you:

- assess the risks of developing heart failure during physical exertion

- assess the adequacy of the loads in a sports training or physical education lesson

- determine physical capabilities and individual threshold loads

We also do this for FREE.

For more information, contact fitnespost@gmail.com.